Thursday, July 1, 2010

'Lady Garden' For G-Moo Gallery's 'Bloom Boom' community project

For my contribution to Ginger Moo's Bloom Boom community Project I've decided to go with hair as my theme. I've included as many different hair colours and types as possible to suggest diversity (of age and ethnic background) in our community and I also want to highlight the importance of hair (mainly for women) in our culture. It is problematic and revered symbolically and groomed and obliterated actually, for seemingly many different reasons. Hair on women is significant based on its quality, quantity and location on the body and we buy into many prejudices whether they are commercially, religiously or sexually rooted. As a feminist I believe women should be able to choose how to present their bodies, since the image of the female body is contentious from all different angles, as Germaine Greer said (and I paraphrase) there is no liberation to be had from flaunting our bodies or covering them up, it's a catch 22 if we think that this where our worth lies. Image is important in any culture and hair plays a part in this, but it is neither the root of our power and worth, nor is hair's meaning trivial, the issues are more tangled than we may ever be able to comb through...

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