Monday, October 4, 2010

Trouser wearing.

Ah the irony of choosing an outfit for a trendy (Shoreditch Trendy - as if there were any other kind), feminist art event...

I'm used to being pretty scruffy these days, I iron nothing and none of my jeans really fit so it's been leggings (and jeggings) mostly - they're so versatile and stretchy, their main virtue. So what to do? I never go to stuff like this, the last one I went to I was perilously in contrast to every other woman there, it's a minefield. I wouldn't normally care, I have a go-to dress (good with leggings and jeans and boots) but I wear it ALL THE TIME, and I always look fat in it if photographed, I know, I know but... Also my friend has organised it so want to make an effort to look like I made an effort y'know? After more effort than, politically, given the nature of the event I should have spent, I'm wearing a pair of my boyfriend's trousers and feel far more comfortable.
And have contrasted successfully with some appropriate red shoes!

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