Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, I've managed not to blog for nearly 3 months. I can blame it all on accidently co-organising a literary festival. Although all I intended to do was the logo and knock-up a website design, I ended up doing tonnes including developing a strong visual arts side to WORDfest and meeting so many excellent and talented people.

It became abundantly clear early on in the planning stages that cultural activity of this nature is something people want to support and see crop up in their area. Crawley, was not generally known for its cultural prowess and yet there is a great deal of energy, creativity and talent knocking about. There would be more if people didn't get exasperated at the lack of an interesting and diverse night life and creative vibe in general. But I suppose to get one you have to have the other and what starts first?

So it turns out, a literary festival, isn't by any stretch of the imagination easy to organise with virtually zero funding, but nor is it impossible. All you need is enthusiasm, a few good local and publishing contacts and a punishing work ethic. My brother Jamie and I between us managed to scrape these required elements together and found others of like mindedness to hop on board.

So I think now I have some life back after 11 weeks of serious graft I may now have a wee bit more time to be a workaholic in another direction, oh and blog more than once a quarter too!

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