Friday, February 19, 2010

Barely Noticeable

Have done two small cards to contribute to an exhibition to do with my MA course called 'Barely Noticeable'. My first thought was to make some kind of pattern that was difficult to discern without close inspection, but maybe that is too obvious? But anyway I decided to think about it from another way, how can I say something about the things that interest me (female self-image for instance) within this title? So I had a ponder and decided to focus on getting things out of proportion and the perception of tiny problems such as troublesome facial hair compared to the excessive anxiety they may cause in social situations. CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAIL.

I will try and post more drawings etc. as I want to up the ante creatively. I'm generally quite prolific when I have a set brief for work for someone else, but I want to consider myself as a worthy client as well. So in addition to design work for The Sarah Maple Project @ Novo Studios I want to develop ideas via my own practice, more practically than I usually do. I get a great deal of inspiration from reading, but when I made 'FYI' the short zine last week (in an earlier post), I found I suddenly had lots of possible resolutions to things that had previously troubled or inspired me. It's a different approach but it might just this space.

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