Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Week

A friend of mine has just qualified to be one of the Garden State Roller Girls - Go Elektra Shock! And so, they need a new poster, they may use mine depends on how many are submitted, it might then be put to a vote by the team so fingers crossed, it was fun doing that. If it's chosen it'll be up all over the place at their first bout of the season which we're hoping to attend.

Then, I've been writing out a spot of creative block -the one where I have to do self-initiated work, I can do stuff for other people at the drop of a hat, I just never treat myself as a worthwhile client and so my stuff always gets shelved due to lack of something; just not sure what. Maybe lack of conviction, because the stuff I feel I should be doing isn't much fun? Who knows... Anyway, one issue is that I'm totally obsessed with doing useful/worthy stuff and then putting pencil to paper, or stylus to tablet, becomes something stupidly agonising. So, all of the stuff I fret about, and all of the things I aim to convey and plan to do, I decided to get out where I could see them, so they can't cause trouble. That's what all the yellow paper is in the photos above. I've adopted an upturned crate as my neurotic workspace for all of my solipsistic witterings. So far it feels good. I've done some painting this week, not sure if they're finished, but I like them. Nothing profound, but at least I know I can still paint.

I've had lots of hints to tell me to just go do, rather than thinking things over to the point of paralysis: In the Diesel shop in Union Square there's a big lit sign for their new campaign that says 'Smart Critiques, Stupid Creates', I bought a book on humour in art and there's a bit by Sean Landers who says 'I figure that it's better to be a sucker who makes something than a wiseguy too cautious to make anything at all.' and last night an artist who we've befriended in a local bar said 'Jo! Just make the work, then make the next idea, then worry about it later.' All signs point to go.....>>>>

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